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Digital Marketing with a Twist

Mixed Media Design
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Content Creation

We can help you create all the content you need, visual audio or video!

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Content Management

See for yourself how important it is to have a cohesive online presence!

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Marketing Campaigns

Get personal with your audience and build your tribe!

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Paid Ads

The extra sparkle you need to raise above the digital noise.

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Inbound Marketing

It's all about loyal customers. True engagement is the future!

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New Media

Telegram, Discord, VR, and AI-powered campaigns, we know all about new media and technologies!

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Free 1 on 1 Consultation


Online marketing made personal

LQS Media will help you create a personalized online marketing plan that is built around your business goals.

Digital marketing and branding


Get your story out there

Share your story and engage your audience.

Even great stories need a little help to be shared.

Social Media Therapy

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Digital Marketing with a twist

As a woman business owner, I know the challenges that come with working with a female clientele. I know how to speak to women in a way that resonates with them and build their confidence through a digital brand that reflects their brand.



Get Informed

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital commercialization includes all marketing efforts using an electronic device or the Internet.

Businesses use the digital media to connect with current and prospective customers, including search engines, social media, e-mail and other websites.

Inbound Marketing and Branding

For businesses of all sizes, social media marketing is a great method to reach out to prospects and consumers. Your clients are already connecting with companies on social media, and you're missing out if you're not speaking directly to them on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Great social media marketing can help your business achieve exceptional success.

Who is LQS Media

I am a creative writer with a deep love for words, puns, and the written word.
As a photographer and a digital marketing specialist, I also have a natural flair for graphic design and social media marketing.
These skills combined with my love of writing have led to my becoming a social media marketing powerhouse.
The content I create is original and optimized for search engines, which means they provide links back to your website.
In addition to creating original content, I am willing to cross-promote your products on Instagram and promote your brand on my other social media outlets.
I work with budgets of all sizes and can work with you to create custom products to give your brand the boost it needs.

What is Social Media Marketing?

What’s the difference in my services? I focus on branding and story first before I focus on keyword research and link building. I also focus on creating a personal connection with my audience.

Branding will help you engage with and grow your audience, which will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.
The Branding Package Includes:
I will create a custom plan for your business and implement it for you.
What You'll Get:

  • I will help you set up your social media accounts, optimize them for engagement, and teach you how to use them to grow your business.

  • I will help you create content that is valuable to your audience. I will help you create a brand story that helps connect with your audience. 

Why Work With US?

Everything You Need

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Holistic Inbound Marketing

LQS Media has a holistic approach to marketing your business. We help you get ahead by making things simple.

We offer an integrated marketing approach to help you build your brand with social media, email marketing, ads, and more.

Develop a Strong Base

  • We help you get started on social media by building a solid base.

  • We help you develop a brand strategy.

  • We help you create a unified voice for your business.

We will offer you the best inbound marketing strategy for your business.

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