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11 Digital Marketing Tips for New Business Owners

If you’re just starting out running a new business, you can start off right if you understand the power of digital marketing and implement it accordingly. You need a website, an email list, and social media platforms to spread your message and sell your products or service. Once you have that, start implementing the digital marketing tips below.

Set Smart Digital Marketing Goals

You need to know why you are doing any one action, and that starts with a goal. If you have set up goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART), it’ll be easy to track. Plus, it’ll make it easier for you to set up steps to take based on the goals

you’ve set.

Get Smart with Your SEO

Search engine optimization involves both on-page and off-page methods to help your audience find you. These methods consist of using certain keywords in special ways all over your site. For example, using the right keywords in titles, alt tags, and headers on an article to help the search engines find you. Take an SEO course or find an SEO expert to help you.

Study Keywords and Phrases

Using keywords and keyword phrases is part of SEO but it’s not everything. However, the more you study keywords and phrases, the more content ideas you will come up with based on those keywords.

Share Content Often from Your Website

You want to publish a variety of new and original content, but you also want to share the content more than once after it’s published to ensure it gets all the attention it deserves and brings traffic to your site.

Use Social Media Marketing

No matter what social platform you like to use (the one your audience uses), it’s just a tool to help you market your products and services. If your audience is there, you should be there too.

Set Up an Email Autoresponder

No matter what that guru says, you do need to build your email list. You also need to invest in an autoresponder. This will enable you to send automated messages to your audience that can give them information, bring them back to your site, and help you promote your products.

Participate in Discussions Online

Whether on your own social media platforms, a discussion board you’ve set up, or someone else’s, it’s a good idea to engage with them and participate in discussions online so that you can become recognized and advance thought leadership.

Use Several Formats and Types of Content

Don’t bore your audience by only publishing text articles. Use images, infographics, video, and technology like interactive quizzes and assessments. You’ll get more attention and make your information stickier.

Be Responsive to Your Audience

You don’t want communication to be one way only (you to them) as if you’re a lecturer. Instead, you want to work in a more collaborative way with your audience and respond personally to questions and concerns.

Automate Collecting Reviews

One way to establish trust and boost SEO is to ask your customers to review your products and give a testimonial. Use your autoresponder to help you get this done on a timelier basis.

Pay for Advertisements

Once you have a clear idea of who your audience is and your SEO and content are established, you’ll want to pay for advertising on your social platforms or via Google Ads. This is the fastest way to advance your business. However, you do need to fully understand it, so you may want to hire an expert or take a course about running online ads.

Digital marketing is truly an equalizer. Small businesses and big businesses alike can compete for customers and an audience base together and both can and do succeed. You just need to fully understand who your audience is, what they want, and how you can provide for them. Plus, you need to do it while expressing the fact that you can in a way that they understand.