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Kickass Design Tips to Improve Your Open Rates

Hi, I am Cris, your Digital Marketing Therapist and my mission is to help you transform your story into a legend through digital marketing.

I know, having a cohesive online presence can be hard to achieve.

The good news? Many apps will automatize everything for your brand, but you still need to have some skills you want your brand to have a personal touch.

I'm here to help! Let's dig in!

Many email marketers frequently fail to realize that their subscriber's email application preview pane is the first opportunity their content has to attract the attention they require. And unfortunately, those that don't allow for a snapshot preview in their content design fall victim to lower than expected open rates as their subscribers are less likely to open the message in full.

By allowing for the thinnest of newsletter mastheads, you should cram into these viewable snippets as much content as you can. Plus, if this content tells your subscriber precisely what your message contains, then the chances of them opening it increase even further.

You don't want to have too many images cluttering the preview space. All I see is a sea of red crosses, which tells me nothing about the message. (I tend to leave these messages until later, which CAN become NEVER! Your subscribers may well do the same).

As a consumer, I'm far more tempted to break my train of thought and dig down deeper into that juicy piece of content I can see.

And finally, the smart newsletter designers use images sparingly in this top part. Even better, they build their masthead using not pictures but HTML text and color to get their message across effectively.

Thus, by treating the preview pane of your newsletter as a quick-peek mini-summary for your subscribers, you are on the right track to grab a new client!

It's simple, really--the quicker your readers are intrigued by the very first lines of your email, the more they will read them.